Overall Customer Rating is 6.8

Service Details:

  • 1500+ Channels
  • 100+ coming more soon VOD
  • 24hr
  • Instant activation
  • Installation Tutorials
  • Trial Available
  • Trial Period: 48 hours

Other Info

Packages Available

1 Month

10/ montlhy

3 Months

25/ 3 months

6 Months

40/ 6 months

1 Year

70/ yearly

Weekend Pass/Trial

6.50/ montlhy

Customer Reviews & Experiences

Avarage Rating is 6.8 (6 Reviews)

  1. Algarvio - 25, May 2019 @ 15:30


    I have paid to a resseler. They offer 50% off. Got an email certifying the payment and with details to get the portal. A few tickets not answered and removed from my log. They got 70 Eur. Avoid

  2. LeSong - 18, March 2019 @ 12:17


    VOD has been down for several weeks now with no solutions .. I won't be signing up with them again

  3. See T - 12, January 2019 @ 14:01


    Been using for 2 mths now. The price is extremely favourable and the quality top notch. The UK section has one of the best FHD. US channels mainly HD but still very higher quality 720. High FPS. There are some SD. I like honesty. When a channel says it is FHD it is 1920 x 1080. When it says HD it is 720. No false advertising. There are 1 or 2 discrepancies but far far less v other providers. The cricket category however does need some work but there are other cricket channels outside this category. I think only thing missing is a support page via FB or Telegram once the subscribers expand. I am also currently trying the service via PP, Extreme PRO, Kodi, SIPTV and VLC on my laptop and all are quite stable. Keep up the solid work. Also the focus is UK/US/CA English channels. There are DE, TR and AR channels. If you dont want to be bombarded with 5000-7000 channels + dupes then this is for you. The VOD and 7/24 will expand over time I'm sure plus there is also option for XXX. I have 5 providers right now switching back and forth. I will likely only keep 2 and SRS is defo #1 pick.

  4. yog007 - 5, January 2019 @ 15:37


    This provider focuses greatly on quality and reliability rather than quantity. As a result, the picture quality is excellent and I have not experienced any buffering. If you are looking for a reliable sports provider with FHD quality, look no further.

  5. Tekashi - 12, November 2018 @ 13:03


    I bought 1 year subscription, got every detail deiverd with email within 10 minutes. After some time they got server problems but they fixed it very fast so i could finish my show without real interruption. These Guys are really Serious

    • Virtulpz - 17, January 2019 @ 17:31

      i want to get the service how i get the player

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  6. IPTV-PL Admin - 10, November 2018 @ 14:15


    Provider approved and certified. Service provided is clearly following our rules and standards.

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