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Overall Customer Rating is 7.8

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  • 8000 Channels
  • 12000 VOD
  • 24hr
  • Installation Tutorials
  • IPTV Reselling
  • Trial Available
  • Trial Period: 24 hour

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Customer Reviews & Experiences

Avarage Rating is 7.8 (4 Reviews)

  1. myiptvexperience - 18, June 2019 @ 14:12


    In my experience this is probably the worst provider I have tried yet. These are a bunch of amateurs who cannot deliver on their promises and I would not trust with my credit card details. Btw, don't try and ask them questions either -- they will start calling you names.

  2. johnsturr - 18, April 2019 @ 14:57


    for me this is one of the best IPTV service provider around!!!!!! I use the service with Smart IPTV app on my TV and works beautifully!

  3. user - 7, April 2019 @ 19:59


    good service works perfectly highly recommend this service.

  4. IPTV-PL Admin - 6, April 2019 @ 17:23


    Provider approved and certified. Service provided is clearly following our rules and standards.

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