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This platform was created with IPTV service providers in mind.
Thousands of people search for a good and reliable IPTV provider every week over the Internet.

Approximately 32% of customers subscribe to a provider who was referred to them by a friend or relative. The remaining 68% search through the Internet by performing Google searches, ask on social media and/or forums.

We are here to help you reach those 68% of potential new subscribers!

We'll bring you customers!

This is what we do best.

Our expertly crafted social media and Google campaigns will take care of sending potential subscribers to your service details page so that you do not need to worry about whether your adverts are working as they should be or not.

Leave it to us. You just do what you do best, take care of your IPTV business and make sure that your service is top notch!
Make sure you keep your service reputation as high as possible with positive reviews and high review ratings.

Monitor Real-time Users Performance

As a commitment from us and for you to be able to constantly improve your visibility on our website, you are able to monitor your listing's user performance anytime you like.

Some of the statistics you can monitor include the following:

  • Daily details page views.
  • Users country of origin.
  • Total monthly views.

Get Recognized Today!

We will help your IPTV business get noticed and grow.

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You're Probably Asking These Questions...

Yes, this service is completely free.
The aim of this website is to gather the best IPTV Providers from all around the world and make it easier for users to actually find and compare the best IPTV service for their needs.

Very simple and it only takes few minutes.
All you need to do is go to our registration page here.
There you can tick the first check box that says "I am an IPTV provider". Then, fill up the remaining fields and click on Register.
An e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address containing an activation link to confirm your e-mail address and activate your account.
After activation, you can start filling up your service details within your account's Service Details section.

You can login anytime you want to your account and go to "My Account" menu on the top right corner. There you will find a link to "Service Details" page.
From that page, you can update any details you want regarding your service details published on our website.
We strongly suggest you keep your details as updated as possible so users get the latest information regarding your IPTV service.

After your registration, we review your IPTV service and website to determine that all information provided is correct and clear enough for the users to understand.

Here is the check list we go through before we issue the certificate:

  • Content is unique, genuine and in conformity with copyright standards.
  • Information provided is clear and easily understandable by consumer.
  • No spam or link farms on website.
  • Does not make use of black hat SEO techniques.
  • Advertisement on website is relevant to the service being offered.
  • Respects consumer rights on a professional level and fair trade.
  • Ample of information is available for helping users decide in acquiring service.
  • Support information is available.

Should all the above be in conformity with our standards, your unique certificate will be issued and will be automatically assigned to your listing.
You will also have the opportunity to showcase your certificate badge on your website by copy and pasting the certificate code which will be available from your account.

Thanks to our marketing experts and campaign manager, we will be constantly publishing designer finished adverts on social media with our accurate PIXEL data source.
We are also heavily active in a Google Ads campaign for those users who tend to search on the world's biggest search engine.
Promotions will be mainly crafted to promote IPTV Providers itself and all individual provider's pages, so having a healthy and high ranking IPTV Service profile on our website is of the utmost importance.

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