Overall Customer Rating is 7.0

Service Details:

  • 1600 Channels
  • 3000 VOD
  • 24h
  • Instant activation
  • Installation Tutorials
  • Trial Available
  • Trial Period: 48h

Other Info

Packages Available

48h Trial

$4.90/ montlhy

1 Month

$13.71/ montlhy

3 Months

$27.70/ 3 months

6 Months

$47.90/ 6 months

12 Months

$91.70/ yearly

Customer Reviews & Experiences

Avarage Rating is 7.0 (3 Reviews)

  1. tofer - 14, May 2019 @ 15:23


    Do not subscribe to this service!!!! Total waste of time and money!!!! Movies have been offline since April. Channels constantly freeze, loop or plain old crash. Within the last week service has been completely down for more then a day twice. Only response from technical service is along the lines of...problem is on your end, try rebooting, or be patient we're in the process of upgrading yada yada yada. They've apparently been upgrading since I signed up for service in February, and service hasn't improved at all! Do yourself a favor...Steer well clear of this company!

  2. skag - 19, April 2019 @ 09:23


    great service from this provider... never had an issues whatsoever. great customer service too!

  3. IPTV-PL Admin - 26, November 2018 @ 16:45


    Provider approved and certified. Service provided is clearly following our rules and standards.

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