Overall Customer Rating is 10.0

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  • 1000+ Channels
  • 2000+ VOD
  • 24hr Email Support
  • Within 24 hours activation
  • Installation Tutorials
  • Trial Available
  • Trial Period: 24 hours

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Packages Available

1 Month Subscription

$15/ montlhy

3 Months Subscription

$40/ 3 months

6 Months Subscription

$75/ 6 months

Customer Reviews & Experiences

Avarage Rating is 10.0 (3 Reviews)

  1. iptvseek - 18, April 2019 @ 14:30


    best IPTV service ever... and I have been with quite a few. Great streams and support always available!

  2. dannybluejr - 14, February 2019 @ 16:58


    I spent the last couple weeks trying to locate inexpensive but quality IPTV providers with a good amount of US regional channels. After many few hours trials between other iptv services, Am More than happy with Hype IPTV. An excellent service with really large selection. Well arranged and more surprisingly all main channels work great with less than 200ms switching between channels. Service was activated with 10 minutes. Great customer support you can imagine!. The only thing I wish they can do differently is to protect their adult channels with a password as other iptv services do and also if they could change the Stb Emulator home screen theme from gray color to more colorful background as other Iptv services. But overall am very satisfied.

  3. IPTV-PL Admin - 8, July 2018 @ 09:43


    Provider approved and certified. Service provided is clearly following our rules and standards.

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