Overall Customer Rating is 3.6

Service Details:

  • 7250 Channels
  • 9500 VOD
  • No chat, just tickets.
  • Installation Tutorials
  • IPTV Reselling
  • Trial Available
  • Trial Period: 48

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Packages Available

1 Month

$14.99/ montlhy

3 Months

$29.99/ 3 months

6 Months

$49.99/ 6 months

Customer Reviews & Experiences

Avarage Rating is 3.6 (17 Reviews)

  1. Emel Yilmaz - 20, August 2019 @ 20:20



  2. futurto - 26, July 2019 @ 20:40


    Absolutely terrible. Just like most of you guys my issue with them started after their servers went down.

  3. taze - 4, July 2019 @ 22:56


    Every minutes make buffering with 75mbit internet. I use fiber internet and take test at more iptv saller and working fine but this provider really have sh*t streams. I open so much tickets but never turn back my question or help request and not make refund. stay back from this scammer

  4. leoninas - 29, June 2019 @ 11:43


    They are cheaters. Took the money for 12 months subscription and after 4 months no service. Send so many emails but no reply.

  5. muzo - 27, June 2019 @ 00:03


    Thanks god finish my subscription and leave they. Every channels is bad, want help turn back 7-8 hours later maybe 1 days later, every problem have same reply we are maintrance and soon fix! Want money back no refund because tell we are give first 48 hours! NO BUY TO THIS POOR SALLER! I HATE COMSTAR

  6. Steps - 24, June 2019 @ 01:43


    Now i recieve 48 Hour test but not working! If not working why send email you are kidding with everyone? So mean understanding here write all bad commens is true! Not workng awaste time! Test not work normal pack how work? WORST SERVER PROVIDER!

  7. Konitopoulos - 19, June 2019 @ 11:07


    Broadcasts are normal until noon on weekdays, even on weekdays in general, but during daytime. When I asked for a test, I experienced freezing in the evening for 2 days because they gave a 2-day free test. They also give this test weekdays! When I asked questions, they told me that there was a temporary maintrance and that there was usually no problem. They promised I wouldn't have any problems. I believed Sözleirne and paid. I bought it for six months. The weekend was never opened a channel! When I asked they said I got the maintrace. Then I wanted my money. When I asked for the money, they shut down all communications. When I repeated several times that I wanted my money, tamame closed all membership! Membership that is already down is completely terminated. They already ban this site on other portals. You should definitely stay away, I recommend that you evaluate this site name first, because it is a really fraudulent seller. Softonic site banlamışlar because of complaints of victims like me.

  8. - 3, June 2019 @ 23:28

    Reply is a great provider . Using the best tv box and fast internet nearly all channels are running perfect in FHD quality.

  9. pope - 8, May 2019 @ 19:17


    Channels are constantly loading and writes buffering. Sometimes it's impossible to watch! I regret getting a membership. I bought it cheap. but really cheap service is poor quality service from comstar.

  10. j1000 - 11, April 2019 @ 01:23


    Unreliable Hit and miss. Mostly miss. Especially on Sundays for some reason. Often it does not work on any channels and then you try again a couple of hours later, without changing any settings, and it's back working on all channels. When it does work, the streaming can be intermittent. If it was reliable it would be worth the subscription fees which are not excessive. About $30 for three months.

  11. ant - 21, March 2019 @ 14:14


    Every weeked freeze and buffering all channels. Worst iptv service. Open ticket and not interesting for problems! Late turn and every problem reply we are maintrnce or we are at update... Never finish maintance and every cahnnels is buffering so much! No make refund. I not recomment it only money trap!

  12. faraday - 6, March 2019 @ 08:57


    Poor customer service. The 48hrs trial went good then i signed up for 3 months and my nightmare started. Channels were buffering anyhow. You contact the customer service, they ignore you. They don't even care

  13. Joel - 11, February 2019 @ 19:44


    I'm a subscriber for a long time. I've noticed this same comment (copied and pasted) in other review sites and forums. All these bad comments are from dishonest competitors - Please order a free trial at Comstar and see the quality and the service for yourself.

  14. Joshua Cowleys - 11, February 2019 @ 14:19


    Test received the opening of the broadcast is very slow, channel transitions are very slow, all channels do not work does not turn on! Certain channels work. When I look at the comments I see really scary comments. It is very clear that the seller made the simplest comments, especially the same name and surname. And the real users' comments are also certain. Especially scared to have me a credit card fraud. I've been wise to take the test and try it first. If I took it without testing, they might have copied my credit card information. I don't pay for places like this.

  15. FMGS - 11, January 2019 @ 02:27


    Three months with Comstar and not a problem. Very stable. Some hiccups but understandable given the 7k+ channels they offer. Responsive customer service in proper english.

  16. alholtv - 8, January 2019 @ 23:17


    I cancel my cable company in order to save money . I have try many of the iptv but is one of the best . All my channel is in HD and been using with my Smart tv and works perfectly . In order for to have a good service you ll need to have the highest internet service , and also make sure you are your internet is durectly connected to your box . Good costomer service .definetly recommend

  17. IPTV-PL Admin - 5, January 2019 @ 16:01


    Provider approved and certified. Service provided is clearly following our rules and standards.

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